Mark Heaton


Mark & his beautiful wife Noelle, welcomed their first son this year and has been reveling in the joy of new-fatherhood.  He is a University of Utah alum and avid Angels baseball fan!  They are glad to be back in Southern California.

When Coverage Counts . . .

Insurance differently

People select their professions for a variety of reasons.  Some do it because they are passionate about their

products, some do it because it is a family business and there is pride in doing right by your clients.  For JMH Insurance Solutions, it is all of the above.  Owned by Mark Heaton, there is pride in helping families and businesses prepare for whatever the world may throw at them, in being a trusted advisor and walking families through every aspect of their insurance portfolio to make sure they are covered when it matters most.

Our Philosophy - We have committed to our clients to understand their lifestyle and assets, so we are in the best position to offer qualified advice and provide the "just right" amount of coverage, rather than too little or too much.  JMH Insurance Solutions takes a proactive approach; we regularly review your coverage to make sure everything is exactly as it should be.

If you are tired of being simply a policy number when you call your agent (if you know who your agent is), we know that from your first interaction with JMH Insurance Solutions you will realize you have just become a client for life.  Because to us, you are not a policy number, not even a client; you are a part of the family!